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Trouble in the Everglades

Former gunfighter Tate Barkley and a rich Yankee detective take on vicious "plumers" in South Florida's vast watery wilderness.

Trail From St. Augustine

In British St. Augustine, trapper John Thomas MacKenzie rescues a young woman indentured to a former pirate.  Pursuit by murderous trackers leads to buried gold and a showdown on Florida's windswept Gulf coast.

Riders of the Swanneee

Rough-and ready Tate Barkely returns to
Florida to find the place where he grew up overrun by a gang of outlaws.  Tate's not the sort to back down, especially when he learns the gang has its eyes on the home of a good-looking widow and her young son.

Ghosts of the Green Swamp

Are there realy "h'aints" prowling the big swamp west of Orlando?  All Tate Barkley knows is there are men there who beat and threatened to kill him.  Now he's a mind to get some of his own back.

War Clouds Over West Florida

A British plot to seize the Spanish Floridas, a threatened Indian uprising and a vicious one-time pirate lead to a desperate chase that ends at sword-point in the wilds of Florida's trackless Panhandle.

Ninety-Mile Prairie

A young cow-hunter and his fierce native companion set out to help a couple of Yankee "tenderfeet" escape outlaws in Southwest Florida's large untamed cattle country.

Thunder on the St. Johns

Gambler Chance Ramsay kills a slow-drawing but well-connected sore loser and escapes to Florida where he meets a family of settlers threatened by men who plan to seize a big chunk of the sparsely settled land for themselves.

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